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Analyzer ltube-tester module - curve plotter. Equipped with a microprocessor, just need to connect a small transformer of 24 to 28 volts (0.15 A) and a transformer for the high voltage and the heating of the tube to get a fully functional tube tester capable of testing all types of tubes, editing the families of curves and automatically obtain the values ​​of the slope (Gm), internal resistance (Rp) and gain (µ) characteristics.


The device works with a computer on a usb port and all the measurement parameters are programmable.


The analyzer can work in triode or "other" mode (multigrid tubes: tetrodes, pentodes, etc.). In multigrid mode an additional screen voltage must be supplied to grid 2 (screen) of the tube.


The card is supplied wired, set & ready to use, comes with its pc software on CD (windows all versions from win95 to Win 10 included) and its start - up and user manual.



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