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Ultra-Compact - Digital Vacuum Tube Tester
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Ultra-Compact - Digital Vacuum Tube Tester

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Ultra-compact tube tester module: 100 mm W x 125 mm L x 25 mm H max + backlit LCD display of 36 x 80 mm
Works under low voltage with reduced power supply current
Single power supply: 5 or 6 V AC (transformer), rectification is already on the board, or 5.5 to 9 V DC
Regulated high voltage power converter, adjustable from 2 to 450 V minimum
Adjustable grid bias generator from 0 to -45 V minimum (resolution of 0.1 V)
Plate current range: 0 to 300 mA in 2 automatic sub-ranges: 0 to 34.0 mA (resolution of 0.1 mA) then 34 to 300 mA (resolution of 1 mA)
Consumption: 120 mA on average, 150 mA max (including LCD lighting)

1 tube tester delivered wired & adjusted ready to use with its display connected by a flexible ribbon cable
1 documentation - user manual (schematic & connection diagram and operating details)


Very simple operation: adjust, via 2 potentiometers, the anode voltage and grid bias voltage to the desired values and, simultaneously, the corresponding plate current is displayed on the LCD screen.

Measurements are taken at a rate of 2 per second, allowing continuous reading of the 3 parameters.

Testing of tetrode or pentode tubes is done in pseudo-triode mode, allowing for better appreciation of the linearity of these tubes (screen or g2 connected to the plate). If true tetrode or pentode mode is desired, simply apply the specified test voltage to the screen/g2 permanently, the bias voltage is controlled by the microprocessor and locks the tube at cutoff between measurements, so there is no risk of grid current.

Tube heating can be taken from the module's power supply voltage, a portion of the printed circuit board is prepared for an LM317 and its peripheral components that may provide regulated filament voltage. For directly heated tubes, a separate power supply must be provided.


Measurement accuracy is 5% and protection is built-in.

The use of a microprocessor enables ultra-fast measurement mode that minimizes power consumption.
Possibility of creating a portable, self-powered tube tester powered by batteries or battery packs.
Possibility of using the module's high voltage power supply to test circuits or small receivers (maximum current of 28 mA under 80 V, 12 mA under 250 V).


Presented in a test situation with an ECC82 - 12AU7


Octal and noval support board supporting the tube is not included, to add it to your cart click here


Few traditional tube testers are capable of such measurements as they require heavy and bulky power supplies - the famous Metrix 310, for example, is limited to 100 mA of plate current.



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