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Antenna Pre-Amplifier for Receiver PO - GO
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Antenna pre-amplifier for LW-MW radio receiver

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Antenna pre-amplifier module, impedance step-down for PO - GO - OC ( MW - LW - SW ) receiver.

This preamp makes it possible to adapt the high impedance of a long wire antenna to the input of one or more receivers.

It also provides a significant gain (adjustable) which significantly improves difficult landings and which can also

facilitate the development of insensitive receivers such as galena or diode.


Dimensions: 60 x 35 x h 25 mm ( potentiometer included )

Power supply: 5 to 12 V DC

Current: 8-10mA

PO-GO max gain: 45 dB (200 x input level)

Gain at 10 MHz: 20 dB

Gain adjustment: By potentiometer (control voltage)

Maximum input voltage (antenna): 0.6 Vdc

Easy connection, an antenna input, an output and 2 power supply terminals.

Delivered with its instructions.

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