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Module lampemètre tubes , valves et diodes DUOKIT 2 - NEW DIGITAL ALL VACUUM TUBES, DIODES & VALVES TESTER

Full high performance digital tube tester kit, wired, adjusted & ready to use.

This kit is an evolution of the complete digital kit offered since 3 years. With this new module testing of diodes and valves up to a plate current of 340mA is now possible.

This kit consists of a main card shown in photo 1 and a set
of pre-wired peripheral elements + power sources, shown in photo 2.

Photo 4 is a view of the ready-to-use assembly.

Important: The heater power supply is not included in this kit because many users already have a suitable transformer. A regulated triple voltage power supply module (4v - 5v - 6.3V / 4A) is available on request.

The characteristics and performance are vastly superior to the whole traditional lampmeters and can measure a very wide range of tubes including valves, diodes and magic eye.

The display is shown in photo 3. It indicates the test parameters and the result in real time:

A: Plate voltage, adjustable from 2 to 450V +/- 5%

G2: Grid voltage 2 (screen), adjustable from 10 to 350V +/- 5%

G1: Grid voltage 1 (polarization), adjustable from 0 to -100V +/- 5% by 10-turn potentiometer

The plate current is displayed in 2 ranges in the lower right corner:

0 to 34mA, display on 2 digits + one decimal: XX, XmA

> 34mA, display on 3 digits: XXXmA

The maximum measurable current is 340mA for all types of tubes.

Complete documentation on request by giving me a valid e-mail address.

Summary of features:

Module: 130 mm x 110 mm maximum height 30mm

Backlit LCD display: 25 x 70 mm.

Single power supply: 110/230 V or on 12V battery via a converter
offered as an option.

Power from mains: 25W (35W max.) On mains and approximately 2A on 12V battery

Plate voltage: adjustable from 2 to 450 V

Screen voltage: adjustable from 10 V to 350 V

Grid 1 voltage: 0 to - 100 V (by 10-turn potentiometer)

Plate current range: 0 to 340 mA in 2 automatic sub-ranges: 0 to 34.0 mA (resolution 0.1mA) then 34 to 340 mA (resolution 1mA)

Neon short-circuit indicator in the plate.

Short-circuit protection: total

Overall accuracy: +/- 5% +/- 1 digit

Note: These values ​​are real, the use of a microprocessor allows a ultra fast measurement mode which minimizes power feed .


Few traditional lamp meters are capable of such measurements because they require heavy and bulky power supplies - the famous Metrix 310, for example, is limited to 100 mA of plate current.

The operation of the device is very simple: test parameters are adjusted, by means of 3 potentiometers, anode voltage, screen voltage (for tetrodes, penthodes, etc ...) and the bias voltage gate at the desired values ​​and, simultaneously, the plate currentcorresponding is displayed on the lcd screen.

The measurements are carried out at a rate of 2 per second which allows continuous reading parameters and result.

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Sehr gutes Prüfgerät kann ma nur empfehlen.

Provoorisch aufgebaut funktioniert super.


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